Eco Disposable Bamboo Pull-Ups - 16kg+

Eco Disposable Bamboo Pull-Ups - 16kg+

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Comfort & nurture your baby with bamboo. Pandas Pull Ups by Luvme ECO are super absorbent and have no harsh chemicals. This product is a great for toilet training!

They are so soft they almost feel like a cloth nappy. Bamboo is non hypoallergenic so perfect on bubs sensitive skin and will assist to minimise any rash. Remember, our planet is left to our babies!

Product Features

  • UNISEX & One Size Fits All

  • Weight Range: 16-24 kg

  • Elastic Waist Band

  • Super Absorbent

  • Wetness Indicator

  • Bamboo Cloth-like Fabric

  • 100% Chlorine FREE

  • No Perfumes or Moisturising Lotions

  • No Latex, PVC, TBT, or Antioxidants

  • FREE from Phthalates

  • No Alcohol or Preservatives

Product Ingredients 

  • bamboo

  • fibre non-woven

  • ADL=acquisition diversion layer is non-woven fibre to distribute the urine faster

  • Absorbent Layer (Fluff pulp & SAP)

  • Full Frontal Tape

  • Aloe Essence

  • Elastic Waist Band

  • Velcro Tape

  • Packaging is earth friendly LDPE Fill