Dreamland Clouds In Watercolour

Dreamland Clouds In Watercolour

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Stormy Clouds
Moody Clouds
Rain Clouds
Electric Clouds
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Our decals are designed with your spaces in mind! We have a range of geo-shapes and floral designs to suit modern design for kids and grown up rooms alike!

Our decals use micro-suction technology, meaning there is no sticky residue left behind. They can be used on most smooth, flat surfaces – glass, metal, doors, most walls (depending on the paint used). If your decals get a little dirty they can be rinsed in cool water and go right back on the wall as soon as they are dry! They are made to last and last!

Product description:
Our Dreamland Clouds are hand painted in watercolour by our in-house designer. These one of a kind clouds that were made for all the little dreamers! They add a touch of peace in to every room they are added!

Clouds come as 4 x (50 x 60 cm) sheets:
21 x Cloud elements ranging from approx 44 x 9 cm

Our Clouds retain their watercolour texture & come in the following colour choices (also see our colour selection chart above) …
Stormy Clouds: Shades of Navy & Fuchsia
Moody Clouds: Muted shades of Grey & Mulberry
Rain Clouds: Shades of Navy & Grey
Electric Clouds: Shades of Fuchsia & Grey

Warning *

Blond + Noir wall decals are designed for decoration only and are not a toy! Please keep them out of reach of children. Your decals should never be placed within a child’s reach or near where they sleep to avoid a possible choking hazard.